Natamycin is one of the globally permitted food preservatives to protect a wide variety of products such as yogurt, cheese, beverages, fermented meat, and baked goods against yeasts and molds. Due to the benefits of Natamycin as a natural and efficient food preservation method, its application has a huge potential to extend shelf life and prevent food waste and spoilage.


The application of our Natamycin based product in yogurt, for example, has increased shelf life from two weeks to over 35 days. With more than 1.5 million different varieties of molds and yeasts, food spoilage remains a constant risk factor during manufacturing, storage, transportation, in the supermarket and in the home of the consumer. The natural mold inhibitor Natamycin helps reduce food waste by protecting a wide variety of products and thereby extending shelf life.


Unlike many other preservation options, the application of our Natamycin based preservative in foods does not produce changes in taste, color or odor. This makes it suitable as a food preservative in a wide range of products.


Natamycin remains stable at a wide pH range (3-9). As most foods have a pH value between pH 4 and pH 7, this makes Natamycin a very versatile food preservative. In order to prevent spoilage in food applications, it works at low dosages between 3-20 ppm. This translates into 3 to 20 mg of Natamycin in 1 kg of a final product.


Natamycin has been tested and approved as a food preservative suitable for human consumption by, amongst others, the European Safety Authority (EFSA), World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

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