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Dairy Food Denmark is a full-service supplier to the dairy and juice industry with more than 25 years of experience with supplying markets all over the world. We are specialised in delivering the best of quality within ingrediens, flavours, stabilisers, packaging and industrial spare parts. Cooporation with Dairy Food Denmark comes with high level of service and advise, giving you the possibility to grow your business. We believe in long-term partnerships, which also is one of the key values in our company. 

Torben Lokke Sorensen
Founder and Director

"With more than 40 years of experience in the industry I know what is required from us to make our clients' production smooth and excellent. We want to deliver above expectations and give our clients' the best possibility to grow their business"

Dorte Weinreich

"Satisfied customers are the prime motivator for us. Fulfilling the process from order, to production and to delivery is highly redeeming. Especially when the outcome is a strong partnerships with our clients"

Kristian Sorensen
Marketing and Sales

"Being able to work across borders and cultures is a huge privilege.  Dairy Food Denmark is fortunate to work with such competent people all over the world, pushing us to deliver at the highest professional level and quality"

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