Natalacto50™ Natamycin is a natural and efficient food preservation functioning as an anti-fungal agent formed during fermentation by the bacterium “Streptomyces natalensis”.


Natalacto50™ contains min. 50% natamycin mixed in lactose. Natalacto50™ is effectively used to eliminate the risk of yeast and molds during dairy food processing. 

Key benefits: Extend shelf life of your dairy products by eliminating the risk of yeast and molds in the fight against food spoilage. The applications of Natalacto50™ leaves no change in smell, color or taste of food products. Natalacto50™ remains stable at a wide pH range (3-9) making it a very versatile food preservative. The products is very effective at low dosages between 4-40 ppm. This translates into 4 to 40 mg of Natamycin in 1 kg of a final product.

Application: Natamycin is one of the globally permitted food preservatives to protect a wide variety of products such as yogurt, cheese, beverages, fermented meat, and baked goods against yeasts and molds. The recommended dosages of Natalacto50™ is in the range 4-40 mg per kg or liter. Exact dosage cannot be stated as it depends on the nature of the product for which it is intended.


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