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Consumers’ knowledge of additives in dairy products is accelerating and

they are increasingly demanding natural colors to replace synthetic versions in their consumption. This is effecting the industry to develop quickly by increasingly adapting to natural colors & fruit and vegetable concentrates. 

Red - Violet - Purple

We offer the complete range of natural red colors, from dark orange, through deep red, into shinning pink towards appealing purple. 

Yellow - Orange

We offer a wide-ranging natural yellow and orange color portfolio, from transparent light yellow, through shinning intense yellow towards deep orange.

We offer the complete range of natural green and blue colors, from light green, through dark intense green, from light shining blue towards dark blue.

We offer multiple product solutions within white, black and brown, from pure white, through deep black, into appealing brown. 

Take the opportunity to convert from synthetic to natural colors, or even to coloring through fruit and vegetables, today. We are ready to assist you in a successful conversion along with world leading natural color supplier.

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